Allaw to people Assembly : oil production is stable and gas is increasing

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources said that Syria’s oil production in Syria is stable and gas production is increasing adding that reserves of producible oil are increasing because of the new discoveries.



Allaw added in his response to members of people Assembly that the moderation of the fuel price contributed in decreasing the demand of this substance by more than 2 million tons during 2009 so that the state treasury with additional revenues indicating that the usage of gas also contributed in dimensioning fuel oil demand which was declined to 1 million ton in 2009.


Syrian Government increased in May 2008 fuel price from 7 SP. a liter to 25 then it decrease it to 20 SP. a liter in 2009 which had an impact on the substance consumption in many sectors especially home and agriculture.
The statistics from the Ministry of Oil shows that Syria’s oil production fell from 600 thousand barrels per day in 1996 to 400 thousand in 2006 and 380,000 currently.Official reports expected short of Syrian oil in 2025 before other official resources disclaimed it.


gas production in Syria has reached 28 million cubic meters per day and the production of Syria from the gas reached last year about 32 million cubic meters per day and it is expected to reach 36 million cubic meters .
Syria exports from Egypt 2.5 million cubic meters per day through the Arab gas pipeline that runs from Jordan.



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