ِAllaw opens workshop on the financing of oil projects and infrastructure projects for oil industry in Syria

Eng Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, opened the workshop set up by the Arab Company for Petroleum Investments (APICORP) on the financing of oil projects and infrastructure projects for oil industry in Syria ..




, specialists and technicians from the ministries of oil, finance and the economy and the State Planning Commission and the Central Bank of Syria and the Commercial Bank of Syria Participated in the workshop.


Allaw stressed that APICORP has a considerable wide experience and in the area of project financing and how to obtain it and risks as well as ways and means of payment, insurance and all its relevant so topics, pointing out that the exchange of experiences with APICORP in this area is very important particularly for large study of projects and secure the necessary funding .


He called on, the participants to take advantage of all the course topics and mainstream interest to the relevant departments at their institutions, noting that the Ministry of Oil entered into an agreement with APICORP to provide consultancy and expertise in the field of refineries or any other topics where you are sending experts and answer questions from the ministry in the areas agreed upon.




The two-day workshop is aimed to give participants knowledge of application frameworks, structural study and analysis of major projects and to identify the key factors for the financing of mega projects and identify and assess key risks in project financing in addition to the use and interpretation of model Mali simple to evaluate the financing of projects.

Richard Wilson The Chancellor at APICORP spoke on the basis of funding projects and frameworks, risk financing and study the structure of funding in addition to the key aspects of the project agreements.

«APICORP» is Arab financial institution established in 1975 according to an international agreement between the Governments of Member States of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries, “OAPEC” including Syria, based in Saudi Arabia are classified as a multilateral development bank owned by the ten States members of (OAPEC).

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