oil ministers of Syria, Iraq and Iran to meet in April … Iranian gas to Syria at the end of 2011

Iranian Oil Minister Massoud Mir-Kazemi said Iran, Iraq and Syria will hold a trilateral meeting on gas export in April 2011.



Oil Ministers of the three countries will consider details of building gas pipelines for export in this meeting.

Iranian Oil Minister said the gathering will aim at making the final agreements to get the gas export pipeline launched.

He then referred to the meeting of Iran-Iraq-Syria which was held some days ago at the level of experts and added that some agreements were made in that meeting and the ministers are to announce their decisions by March 15.

“Advisors will be recruited subsequently to design the line and consider its details. Then the financial sponsors will be chosen for the building process to start.” he continued.

After his meeting with Syria’s Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Soufian Allaw which was held in Tehran on Friday, Mirkazemi said that dispatching gas from Iran to Syria will be done via Turkey route until the construction of the pipeline is completed.

“It is expected that Syria–Iran exporting line will go on stream by late 2011 by completion of the pipeline in Turkey territories,” Iranian Oil Minister noted.

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