Mohammed Hawa

Mohammed  Hawa:

Vice Chairman of the Arab Union for measurement, calibration, and President of the Board of Directors of the Regional Office. And founder of Syria Association for Occupational Safety . And the owner of Petrolift Syria, and ” HAS” of equipment and materials safety career Companies in an exclusive interview:

Mohammed Hawa … young Syrian intellectual ambitious and cute Specimen, is expanding his work in the footsteps considerations of safety and the stability of both the worker and the institution.
Syrian educated young man, ambitious and quiet may constitute a form unique to those who run institutions and companies with a gradual and rational expanding, what distinguishes his activities is the social and moral role, which dominates in many cases, events on considerations of profitability and returns, which is characterized by other businesses.
He is Occupied with safety of workers and the safety of facilities and tools, he focuses his interests, and activities, and work in this field.
 and Our guest today, Vice President of the Board of Directors of Arab Union for measurement and calibration. And founder and chairman of Syria Association for Occupational Safety . HAS, of the equipment and materials safety career owner.
Mr. Mohamed Hawa Welcome.


Hello to you always, and thank you for this introduction. 


Ten years ago, you founded a national limited liability National Investment  group , what areas of their work?

National Investment Group LLC, is a Syrian company founded in 2001 in Syria and the umbrella company of Petrolift Syria, and HAS materials and equipment in occupational safety and surveillance equipment and protection Company, and also has a group of laboratory measurements and calibration. The Group has a branch in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai.  

We now want to talk about the group, and start from the Petrolift Syria company, why it was open in Syria? And what does push Mohammed Hawa for that?

Let me at the beginning present Petrolift Syria company to you ,it is the first inspection company adopted in Syria for the non Destroy tests (NDT), calibration, and examination of lifting equipments. It started work in 2001 in UAE and then moved to Damascus. The company is supported by some foreign expertise .Our entry into the market was the result of two factors .. 1st is the lack of inspection companies in Syria and also the lack of materials companies personal protect with universal specifications and Standards . The second is what we sensed from the encouraging laws and regulations that give opportunities for Syrian firms to participate and work in the Syrian market and compete with international companies.
And so it was that was in the past decade, the transfer of the work we began in Dubai with some of the trained and qualified national staff and foreign group has been established in Syria and we started working to the fullest.  

You say that Petrolift is certified to do (NDT)check-ups, calibration, and examination of lifting equipment?

Yes, Petrolift Syria have been adopted by several international competent bodies, such as the American Academy of cranes (Crane Institute of America) and the Association of Engineers uploaded the British (Lifting Equipment Engraining Association) and includes “Petrolift Syria” specialized engineers levels (Level 2 + Level 3) and has contracts with a large number of oil companies and construction companies in and outside Syria.  
The importance of Petrolift Syria company’s work field?

Importance of the work is highlighted by the importance of the(NDT) tests to detect defects that disrupt plants and equipments and hurt persons, especially in oil and gas sectors, which can ensure the safety and reliability of treatment for people, plant and equipment, here is to do NDT check-ups and discover defects that may stand out in the facilities and address them before the crash of facilities and a sudden stop can cause severe damage and is calculated at any time and this means a waste of time and money.
In a parallel context and as you know, the oil industry is facing innumerable challenges due to increased international demand for oil and gas, which has become increasingly an unprecedented in contrast, oil industry in various sectors require expansion of infrastructure to accommodate different productions. This requires a continuation in the development of infrastructure and develop the capacity of NDT tests of plants and equipments, as well as required international standards keep pace with new and follow-up training for qualified personnel for this area. All the above is at the core interests and areas of work Petrolift Syria.

you also founded a private company for materials and equipment safety and protection:  HAS Company for materials and equipment in occupational safety and surveillance equipments and protection is also one of the group companies of the National Investment LLC, one of the first companies that have worked in the field of occupational safety in the Syrian Arab Republic and that was in 2001 and was ” HAS” the first companies specializing in the sale of surveillance and protection (SECURITY), materials and equipment safety.  


Haas … HAS … Why was established in Syria? What is the cause for it? Is there any information about the Syrian market, which lacks much of its services or your concern for the safety of Syrian workers, or both ?

Of the most important characteristic of the company they are interested in the human element in the first degree It is in this spirit adopted strategies to secure materials and equipment so as to be in conformity with world specifications and standards and not to deal with materials that lack the minimum of any specification which are many in the local market, unfortunately, it has adopted the goal of rights and safety first Thus was the first company specialized in the sale of (SECURITY) tools and occupational safety equipments conforming to specifications and standards.  


What about the sources of your equipments, and what is the source of your wide fame?

Materials, equipment, occupational safety and surveillance equipment and protection of , ” HAS” company acquired Fame and a strong presence in the market since taking off ten years ago, did not come from a vacuum but is a natural product in view of the fact that the ” HAS” agent of a group of major international companies leading in this area, I recall here the Companies:
Gunnebo – Gantner – Ceia – Axis-Dupont – Uvex – Cofra – BW – Sala

In an initiative that is the first of its kind in Syria, you founded Syria Association for Occupational Safety … Can you give us an idea of the Assembly and how it can benefit from the oil companies?

Syria Association for Occupational Safety is a professional forged and we launched in Damascus .. aimed to maintain the safety of workers and limit the access of injuries and accidents at work, Raising awareness of occupational safety, and raising the cultural awareness of occupational safety for all levels, and provide a safe working environment and appropriate, and keep pace with scientific progress in the safety of workers in all areas.
The Association is administratively and financially independent and its activities in territories of the Syrian Arab Republic include all included in the management of a number of managers of health and safety of oil companies, public and private workforce, has been declared Syria Association for Occupational Safety decision No. (2156) The date of 07/27/2009 from the Ministry of Social and Labour Affairs.  


What are the main activities of the Association?

 Among the activities of the society is by providing special courses on health and safety and we have a special magazine of the society and many of publications for the dissemination of this culture not only in the oil companies, but we do have experience of these companies that are considered a pioneer and the transfer of expertise to the workers in all sectors and even at the level of professional workers. We come now to the Arab Union of measurement and calibration … and congratulate you on your election to preside over the Regional Office ..Thank you, … already been licensed to operate in the Federation of the Syrian Arab Republic pursuant to Republican Decree No. (558) History (12/30/2009) organized relationship with the Syrian government under a contract agreement signed with the Syrian Ministry of Industry and authority of the President of the Council of Ministers resolution No. (498/1/30) Date (10/17/2010).  


What is the importance and dimensions of the opening of a regional office in Damascus?

Arab Federation for Measurement and calibration is a regional organization belonging to the Economic Unity Council emanating from the Arab League and includes many of the companies testing and calibration laboratories, the Arab public and private sectors are interested in cooperation and coordination between Arab countries in these areas to promote bilateral trade between Arab countries and constituting a bloc of Arab similar for clusters in Europe WELMAC and Africa AFROMATE. the establishment of the regional office of the Union in Damascus is established to cover his (Iraq – Palestine – Jordan – Syria – Lebanon).  


Mr. Mohammed, if you were revert within one orbit but in various areas?

Well, … We adopted a work in the field of safety in general .. HAS also as we mentioned is working in the field of personal safety for individuals and the Department of security is a security for the facility, and the association aims to maintain the safety of workers and limit the access of injuries and accidents at work. Company Petrolift for examination is ultimately safety equipment of any error and to prevent mishaps or reduce the likelihood of their occurrence. Which is among the goals of the Arab Union for measurement and calibration.  


What are your future plans in the fields of your interests?

On our agenda the next establishment and development of private laboratory calibrations to be or to form a special section for the calibration of medical devices, laboratory, and point out here that we are in cooperation with the Arab League and the Ministry of Health, under the auspices of the Minister of Health intend to establish the Second Arab Conference for the measurements of medical in April next April under the slogan “the importance of calibration in ensure the quality measurement of medical devices “, and we expect that the conference is a key tributary to educate everyone of the importance of the subject of calibration of medical devices to get the correct results in hospitals and laboratories.  

A final word ..
I thank very for your attention and hope that God always help us, in what aspire in our work and our concerns, for the good and safety of all.  


Mohammed Hawa
• • Master in Management (Master’s thesis entitled The impact of occupational health and safety on the performance of the facility)
• Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arab Union for measurement and calibration.
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regional Bureau for Arab Union for measurement and calibration.
• Founder and Chairman of Syria Association for Occupational Safety .
• Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Investment Group LLC, which includes:
1. Petrolift Syria Company
2. HAS Company for equipment and materials, occupational safety and surveillance equipment and protection (SECURITY-SAFETY).
3. Representative office of the Turkish Standards
• Director General of the Union laboratory for calibration.
• Registered in the field of ecological footprint and carbon emissions in the world Organization (ISO).
• Certificate from the Academy of reliability (UVEX) in Germany in the field of occupational health and safety.
• Quality Management System Certification for the group of 2007 (ISO – 9001-2008).
• Certificate of Certified scans devices and lifting equipment from the American Academy (Crane Institute of America


Signing of agreement between Arab Union for measurement, calibration and Ministry of Industry

Signing of agreement between Arab Union for measurement, calibration and Ministry of Industry


Participation in Voting about Environmental and Carbon Emissions Print  in Italy   

Meeting of the board of Syria Association for Occupational Safety 

Ceremony of Announcing  Syria Association for Occupational Safety in Sheraton Damascus  

NIG Participation in Syroil EXPO 

NIG Participation in Syroil EXPO With Oil and Mineral Resources Minister 

Participation in Safty Confernce in Tunisia

Signing Agreement of Presenting of Turkish Measurements Body in the Region with Chairman  

Graduation Ceremony from UVEX In Master in Health and Occupational Safety  


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