Syrian-Iraqi Talks on Reviving Old Oil Pipeline, Tripartite Cooperation to Build Future Iranian Gas Pipeline to Syria

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Sufian Allaw, reviewed with his Iraqi counterpart, Abdul Kareem Luaibi, means of enhancing the Syrian- Iraqi cooperation in oil and gas fields.



The talks focused on reopening of the old Iraqi oil pipeline and enhancing cooperation between the two ministries as to provide necessary requirements for this purpose.


The two sided discussed the possibility of benefiting from the gas available in Akkas field, near the Syrian borders, in addition to cooperation in oil prospecting and exploration.


The meeting also dealt with the issue of training technical cadres and making use of the Syrian expertise in this regard, in addition to investing in phosphate projects in Iraq.


In a statement following the meeting, Allaw said the talks dealt with the tripartite cooperation between Syria, Iraq and Iran to establish a gas pipline from Iran to Syria and link it to the Arab gas pipeline and to Turkey to be exported to Europe.


He added that technical groups from Syria, Iraq and Iran will meet in Tehran to discuss procedures required to implement this important project.


Minister Allaw said a group of technical specialists from the Syrian Company for Oil Transport will cooperate with their Iraqi counterparts to build stations along the pipeline from Basra in southern Iraq to Banias.


For his part, the Iraqi Minister said the two sides agreed on forming a joint technical team to inspect the Iraqi oil pipline to Syria and the pumping stations to ensure the pipeline is safe for exporting the Iraqi oil surplus through Syria.


On refining industry in Iraq, Minister Luaibi pointed out that there are projects to establish new 4 refineries with a capacity of 750 thousand barrels per day, welcoming any Arab participation.



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