Rida Said & Barjolle visited ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital in Deir Ezzor

Minister of Health Rida Said visited with Jean-Louis Barjolle, Total E&P Syrie, Managing Director The medical staff of ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital affiliated to ORBIS International Organization for Combating Blindness which starts on Sunday medical checkups for eye patients in the northeastern province of Deir Ezzor.



The staff will also evaluate the conditions of the patients and perform surgeries for them free of charge.
In a press statement, Minister of Health Rida Said underlined the importance of the repeated visits of ORBIS team to Syria as they contribute to supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Health in upgrading the programs of training and qualification the medical cadres specialized in ophthalmology.



“The participation of Syrian doctors in the qualitative surgeries performed by ORBIS doctors during their presence in Syria will contribute to developing their skills in the field of ophthalmology,” the Minister said.

Minister Said pointed out that in the framework of the efforts exerted for combating ophthalmological diseases, the Ministry of Health has equipped Deir Ezzor-based Assad Hospital with Argon laser device and retinal imaging device.

The Ministry has also launched a special program in the province for the early detection of visual impairment, particularly for the schoolchildren.

Minister Said indicated that the national medical cadres have conducted 64 corneal transplant surgeries over the past three months.

For his part ,David Hunter the Medical Director of ORBIS that the hospital is composed of 25 experts and doctors from 5 continents and this year will carry out many of distinctive operations especially for children in terms of reference of white and black and blue water and cases of strabismus and retinal disorders treatment indicating that there will be follow-up of patients undergoing surgery after a few months to check on their condition.



The flying hospital contains 40 doctors who conducted free surgeries in all sorts of eye Diseases.
ORBIS has built an international network of committed people who share the common goal of alleviating human suffering. Because ORBIS is independent and nonpolitical, it exerts a positive and unifying influence. For 26 years, the flying Eye Hospital has crossed geographical lines and transcended cultural, political and religious differences by bringing people together to save sight world wide.



It should be noted that Total E&P Syrie over the years turn scope of its activities to sustainable development and support projects in the development of human resources and environment, health, education and skills-building and local development and cultural heritage.


Ministers of Agriculture, Local Administration, and Education participated in the visit.









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