Allaw from Idlib: contracting with two Investment companies to carry out surveying and prospecting for oil products in large areas

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minster of Oil and Mineral Resources discussed with those involved in mineral and hydrocarbon geology areas in Idleb the reality of work and proposals for the development of oil and mineral resources and actions on the regulation of stone quarries.



Allaw said that It had been contracted with two Investment companies to carry out surveying and prospecting for oil products in large areas in Syria, pointing out that the ministry is working to meet the increasing demand of oil products and especially of gas will be next week for 90 gas cylinders and 375 gas cylinders New this year, contributes to the greater availability of the substance to consumers.


He called to focus on the reality of working quarries in the province and its organization of work and investment to optimize the search for alternative sites and taking into account the remoteness and its proximity to the planned schemes and accommodation as well as from agricultural land to preserve green zones .


In turn, Khalid Al-Ahmad pointed Governor of Idlib to maintain relay the reality of quarries because of the specificity to maintain being in nature farming and 21 are an infinite need to regularize their status, indicating that the maintenance work in coordination with the concerned authorities to look for alternative sites, and providing facilities for the settlement of the situation of quarries mentioned that the province is over the problem of infringement on passing oil pipelines.


Eng. Nasrallah Shehadi Branch Manager of Geology reviewed reality of work and plans and programs, assessments and proposals for the development work including the need to secure car field for the field tours and staffing increased numerical and cooperation of stakeholders in the prevention of overloads on the main roads and the difficulty in securing alternative locations.


He added that the total number of quarries licensed to maintain arrived until the end of last year to 81 an infinite of which 66 quarries grinding and 15 quarries stone blocks are distributed in most areas of the province while the total production of gravel 51 million and 347 thousand tons and rock masses 50 919 tonnes was also the organization of 45 set the violation and the seizure of 43 a different mechanism.


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