Allaw: Encouraging Investment in marble quarries in Masyaf .. Prospecting and exploration for oil in al-Ghab an d the coast areas in May

Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources called to expand investment in the marble quarries of Masyaf which reserve production is estimated of more than 25 million tons in order to increase the blocks and slides marble are extracted and raise the quantities exported, especially manufactured ones.


Allaw during a meeting with the concerned in mineral resources in Hama stressed the importance of encouraging investors to invest in this quarry that exceed the usable space to invest by 1000 acres , adding that the production of these quarries is big with growing demand, especially export, where quantities are above exported 95 percent of the total production of it.



He pointed out the importance of preparing a detailed memorandum of comprehensive and realities of working in the quarries of the study and access to the best methods to ensure that stimulate investment in addition to adopting a plan for stone and building materials found in Hama and the 124 quarries an in order to rehabilitation and regulation mechanism of operation .



He stressed the need to invest more of the quarry in Albelaas area being one of the promising areas and relieve the pressure on the diggers zone Kefrbhm which also has been invested more than half a century, pointing to the ministry’s readiness to cooperate with the province to create ways to facilitate access to oil pipelines passing the maintenance and guarantee their protection.



oil minister said that the ministry is seeking to take further action to protect these lines, which extends for a distance of 10 thousand km and feed various regions of Syria with oil and oil derivatives, indicating that the measures include increasing the number of points of electronic surveillance and the installation of more stations and valves, pressure gauge to detect any attempt to prepare them with a study in collaboration with the Centre for scientific research include monitoring the movement of tanks and fuel tanks on a large scale.



Abut exploration projects and oil and new gas that is currently underway is expected to begin during the coming period, he added that a foreign company will begin the work of prospecting and exploration in the area of al-Ghab and the Syrian coast during next May amid expectations of positive indicators pointing out that the domestic production of oil is stable and good in When will gas production soon increased compared to previous years as a result there has ambitious plans to increase production and improve performance and achieve a surplus in the production and supply of gas to Syria will lead to the delivery of gas to other sectors such as cities industrialized and saved for use as fuel for transportation such as buses and cars, as the compressed natural gas safer of the environment and less expensive compared to the rest of the oil derivatives.



For his part, Ahmed Shehadeh Khalil governor of Hama said that the province is almost devoid of any problems or irregularities relating to the availability of petroleum derivatives referring to maintain full readiness to provide necessary support for the successful expansion of investment Musiaf marble and to take all measures required in this area.



In turn, Mohamed Saleh Branch Manager General Establishment of Geology and Mineral Resources in Hama said: The current indicators in the quarries Masyaf marble indicate the presence of the feasibility of high economic which motivate investors to demand it, especially the exploration and extraction of marble blocks are the latest methods and techniques used globally.



Masyaf marble, is famous for its class quality and fine shape and hardness of high similarity in the product, mostly foreign marble and excel in the attractive appearance and flaunt colors.


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