High-octane Benzene by 50 SP. sale to begin this month

Eng. Abdullah Khattab General Manager of Mahroukat Company said that octane 95 to be sell starting of this month at 50 Syrian pounds at the pump stations of Mahroukat company, which Cabinet agreed on the recommendation of the Economic Commission in this regard was adopted by Syrian standards and specifications Body .



He added that octane 95 is fully imported and that came at the request of the owners of modern cars that the manufacturers recommend using a high octane. ‏

On the other hand, Eng. Khattab said that diesel sales increased during the first month of this year compared with the same month last year by 10% as sales reached 725 million liters.



Benzene consumption increased as a result of the increasing number of cars, but is interesting that the height increased by 11% compared with same month of last year and this is equivalent to the increase in the months of the tourist season and that indicates anything, it indicates that people’s dependence on private transport With regard to the quantities sold during the first month of the current year has reached to 186 million liters.


the concept of high-octane is the number that measured the ability of Benzene to combat the phenomenon of roads resulting from the combustion of fuel early in the engine and this is linked to technical matters like speed of damage the engine and combustion.



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