1.6 billion SP. of support for oil derivatives in 2010 to meet the needs of the local market

Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources has increased attention on the refining industry which is of a great importance in providing the local market needs of oil derivatives and the reduction of import, thus supporting the national economy through the provision of foreign exchange in addition to actions to improve the specification of petroleum products and the environmental situation in the refineries.



Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources reviewed during the meetings follow the plans and programs of companies that the annual plan for HRC in 2010 aimed to contribute to the realization of this plan economic and social development in Syria through the provision of local market growing need of oil products and mineral oils, where the assumed productivity plan of the refining is about 170.5 million metric tons of crude oil in 2010 while the total amount of actually refined oil is 5.805 million metric tons by the implementation average of 112 percent.


the amount of actually oil produced 42 990 metric tones compared to 60000 tons and the planned implementation rate of 72 percent.
While volume of oil derivatives produced was 5.567 million metric tons, while the quantities planned to be produced 4.908 million metric tons by the implementation of 113 percent.


In Banias refinery has reached the total crude oil refined in the 2010 total of 5.924 million metric tons compared to 5.880 million metric tons planned by the implementation of 100 percent while the total of the additional derivatives processing 2.137 million metric tons


The total expenditure on the investment plan of 508 million Syrian pounds by the implementation of 100 percent for the period included the replacement and renovation projects and the city center and station loading and unloading and project engineering solutions of the economics of refining.


the oil ministry said that total sales of Mahroukat Company from Fuel in 2010 reached a total of 7.605 million tons of oil products, gasoline different kinds of diesel kerosene types, and total sales of oil, grease, metal fuel asphalt liquefied gas,coke, White Spirit, Solvents 6.763 million tons, bringing the total sales to 14.367 million tons, internally and externally while the sales of bottled gas cylinders 66.226 cylinder and change of 208516 empty cylinder with new ones.


The company bought from local sources 4.912 million tons of gasoline, diesel and kerosene different kinds of 5.024 million tons of mineral oils, fuel gas, liquefied asphalt coke White Spirit, Solvents, bringing the total purchases of the Interior to 9.963 million tons.


4.664 million tons of diesel fuel gasoline and liquid gas have been imported.


total sales for implementing was 307.097 Syrian pounds while the value of total purchases 413.613 Syrian pounds, including 141.894 ls purchases of Foreign Affairs, ie the value of purchases of the company’s total increased value of sales for the year 2010 a difference of 106.516 billion Syrian pounds to meet the needs of the local market of derivatives oil.


oil industry has seen remarkable progress in Syria in recent years reflected in the modified and improved some of the specifications of oil derivatives to reduce their environmental impact.


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