Blast in Pipe line cut Egyptian gas to Syria, Jordan and Israel … Allaw : Electricity will not be affected by the replacement of gas by fuel

Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Eng. Sufian Allaw said that imports of gas has stopped since Saturday because of the blast, which targeted the Egyptian gas pipeline that extends to several countries in the region until the rehabilitation of the line.



He said: Syria imports per day up to 2.5 million cubic meters of Egyptian natural gas, confirming that this amount constitutes 7 percent of consumption, and we are able to compensate.


He added : The power would not be affected at all since that the dependence or demand for gas in power plants can be immediately replaced by Fuel.


Egyptian gas line is brunched to two lines, one heading to Jordan and then Syria, Lebanon and Turkey in the later stages, and the other is heading to Israel.


Jordan and Egypt signed an agreement last July to renew the agreement on principles signed between the two countries, Jordan is estimated to have supply about 300 million cubic feet of gas per day to generate electricity.


Egypt under the agreement supplies Jordan an additional amount of half a billion cubic meters of natural gas annually to implement the project the gas distribution to households in the governorates of Amman and Zarqa.


As for Israel,it import 40 percent of its gas from Egypt, with an estimated amount of 1.4 billion cubic meters of gas annually.


unit price of Egyptian gas source to Syria and Jordan 3.12 dollars, while Egypt gives Israel a discount price does not exceed $ 1.25 per unit.


Syria’s production of gas reached more than 28 million cubic meters per day are provided Ministry of Electricity by 20 million cubic meters, for use in power plants, which contributes to the reduction of import of fuel.

It should be noted that Egypt is ranked he third largest natural gas reserves in Africa after Algeria and Nigeria, which is estimated at 1.89 trillion cubic meters.

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