Mr. Khouchaba Nissan , General Manager of INA in Syria

By Hayan Contract INA Company has achieved important discoveries have had their impact in the arena of oil and gas in Syria, where the company was able to prove its capabilities, potential and experience through the good results achieved on the ground, which began by discoveries of gas in the Palmyra chain did not end by gas processing Plant in jahar near Palmyra .

Our Site interviewed Mr. Khouchaba Nissan top of the pyramid and the Director General of the company (INA) in Syria since the beginning of the company’s activities in Syria 13 years ago up till now and we went out the following dialogue:

INA Company has succeeded to increase production of the Syrian oil and gas during its important achievements of oil and gas discoveries…. How Inna began work in Syria and what are the stages of advancement of work and access to the current situation?.
– Historically, the Croatian company INA started its activities in the Syrian market is actually from 1965 to provide technical training for staff in the area of the Syrian deep drilling. And then 1975 through a contract for the excavator with a full technical crew for the drilling of deep wells in areas difficult to dig at that time.
Current presence of the INA in Syria is through the Hayan contract , which took place on 3/30/1998 and became effective from 15/8/1998. Then Aphamia contract, which took place on 1/17/2004 and became effective as of 26/6/2004 .

– The Ministry of Oil announced for new areas for prospecting and exploration on land and announced plans to other areas in the Syrian territorial waters in the Mediterranean … Do you in the company Inna intend to participate these areas and expand your business in Syria from which the successes achieved in this area.
Yes .. INA is very interested in this particular exploration in the territorial waters in the future.



– What are the prospects for the company INA in Syria? What are the situation in Aphamia Block?
INA now through Hayan Petroleum Company – joint venture – is carrying out operations of the production of oil and gas fields discovered from 6, and at the same time complement its developmental assets.
As for the Aphamia contract, the company is still doing business as explorative terms of the contract and ending a period of exploration in 2012.



– The gas plant Hayan planned for completion soon as a new achievement for the company invested in INA in Syria. What are the additions that would be achieved by this plant to Syria and the company after finishing it.

Hayan Gas Plant is a vital project for the oil industry in Syria and the Syrian economy and INA is very proud of this achievement, which was completed successfully and in a real-time planned assets.
– Currently Production and processing is carrying out naturally and which is to provide the Syrian market in the following amounts per day:
– – Gas: 2.7 million cubic meters, and will increase production to 4 million cubic meters soon.
– – Light oil: 1800 cubic meters, and production will rise to 2200 cubic meters soon.
– (LPG) up to 150 cubic meters.



– How do you see the investment environment in the oil and gas in Syria.


A good investment environment and cooperation existing between the parties in the right way, and we always believe in the necessity of developing relations continuously.

– Finally, we want you to give us an idea of your CV and your work with a private company INA that scored the success of this company as your presence at the head of this company in Syria.
I am personally very proud of, as a Syrian citizen, and general manager of the branch of the company (INA) and the joint venture company (Hayan) since the beginning of the activities of INA in Syria and a record of successful achievements during the past period, which lasted 13 years until now.
I went to Croatia in the early seventies with a view to study petroleum engineering and graduated from the Faculty of ZAGREB and worked with the company INA in Croatia in the field of drilling, then went to Libya to work with foreign companies spent 7 years there and then worked for years in Greece and moved to live in Britain In 1983, during which I worked in Iran for two years, as well as in the Gulf for a period of two years to that I started looking with INA in Syria in 1997 until now.
Family.. I am married and have 3 children the youngest was born in 1979 and 1976 and 1973.












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