Oil Ministry is planning to train its cadres in Chinese companies … and start receiving requests for industrialists to shift from fuel oil to gas

Oil and Mineral Resources Minister Eng. Sufian Allaw said that his ministry plans «to send Syrian cadres to Chinese oil companies to receive training»; to enhance the bilateral cooperation in this area.





Allaw also revealed Syria’s tendency to manufacturing equipment related to the oil industry locally, in cooperation with Chinese companies,


Oil minister told the Chinese news that the current plan aims to establish a partnership for the production of oil equipment locally in cooperation with the company «CNPC» and other Chinese companies; to cover the local and regional demand.

Stressing that Syria’s cooperation with China in the field of oil achieved «notable progress».


Replace fuel with gas


On the other hand oil minister said during a news conference after meeting with Iranian Oil Minister that Ministry will start accepting applications for industrialists who wish to replace fuel used in their facilities with natural gas through the installation of oil pipeline to run these facilities, ” Allaw said : our policy is moving towards the trend to use more gas normal in the industry and transportation in the areas of other consumption, and currently there are two projects the first is to provide the industrial city of Adra with gas has published announcement and received proposals for the creation pipeline gas line to the center of this city, and will manage the city to establish a network of distribution to factories within the city.


The second project is to provide ten ceramic large Factories in the region of Deir Ali was announced and is currently under evaluation and study to extend the pipeline to transport natural gas to these plants ten and also a laboratory glass foot new projects which started and we hope in the coming period, the announcement of projects for financing the other industrial cities in Hisia and Aleppo and Deir Al-Zour to reduce consumption of fuel and other oil derivatives.


Allaw said that during a press conference held yesterday at the Ministry of Oil with Iranian Oil Minister Masoud Mir-Kazemi and his accompanying delegation in the presence of the Iranian ambassador in Damascus, Ahmed al-Musawi.


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