Kiali: 17 companies applied to invest in renewable energies and large projects in 2011 to reduce the loss of electricity

 Minister of Electricity Dr Ahmed Qusai Kiali said that about 17 companies applied to invest in renewable energy, including wind power, pointing at the same time to new beginning of big projects this year to reduce the loss of electricity.



Kiali explained that the ministry has contracted with the Office of International Advisory for the rehabilitation of these companies, and that the office started directly work and more than a month to implement what has been contracted for, noting that he expects to announce within weeks for qualified companies so they can be subsequently summoned, and correspond to the start of project implementation raised or to measure wind speeds.

He pointed out that one of the companies won electricity production project in wind energy in the vicinity of Lake Katina Homs, and that the Ministry correspond now with the company to end the procedural matters of the project, which will result in 50 MW, he said, adding that 16 other companies are eligible have applied offers to invest in a plant expansion of Nasiriyah.

The National Centre for Energy Research revealed last week that it is currently completing the procedures of contracting with the Spanish company “Gamsia” for the establishment of Pioneer windy farm with power by (40-50) on the campus of Lake Katina, and expected to be signed the contract and begin implementation of the farm during the first quarter of this year.

The area I that located on the banks of Katina in Homs governorate is of the best regions in terms of wind speed of about 8 meters per second, and continuity, which up to 3 thousand hours per year, especially with the Government’s intention to make use of renewable energies, especially wind power.

The government is seeking permanently to make room for the private sector and investment companies to participate in the investment sector, electric power and renewable energy projects, to meet the growing demand for electricity.

On the other hand, the Minister of Electricity announced starting big projects this year to reduce the loss of electrical energy, and reduction to the extent possible, in the entire network hubs, centers and stations through the development of power transmission lines and rehabilitating and improving the efficiency of its operation.

Kiali said that the investment plan of the Ministry for this year, amounting to about 50 billion Syrian pounds set aside ample space for projects to reduce waste that was noted as a key priority, starting this year, explaining that it had been taken significant steps to adjust the losses are launching projects, specialized technical rehabilitation and improvement of transmission lines energy and the replacement of networks and limit the electrical energy produced and distributed electric power and requiring power companies in the provinces to activate the procedures and expand projects to reduce wastage of energy and careful programmer.

The minister pointed out that the major projects to reduce energy losses is as important projects to increase energy production of electricity, and that the ministry and put all the possibilities and procedures to account for energy losses and reduced gradually, according to the schedules come into effect this year and continue through the coming years, as well as to adjust the Ensnarement The project is for energy.

The importance of projects, reduction of wastage of electricity, amid growing demand for electricity in Syria, with a high electric losses and bringing them to rates ranging between 26% and 30% of the total production.

In a related context , Kiali said that total production capacity of energy close to about 7 thousand MW generating sets in the whole plants, electricity production, stressing the need to add more than 4 thousand MW during the years of Eleventh Five Year Plan.

It is estimated that demand for electricity in the Five-Year Plan 11, which extends between General (2010-2015) to 280 billion kilowatt hours, will the Electricity to produce 260 billion kilowatt of them, including the production of the private sector, is also scheduled to produce a third-party state such as the Ministry Irrigation and the Ministry of Oil 20 billion kilowatt remaining.

He pointed out that the ministry Kayali contracted to 2400 megawatts so far out of the 4 thousand MW needed, and that the 1600 MW has started work projects, tries, and the other 800 MW of a project for a power plant in Deir Al-Zour is now under validation.

General Organization for generation and transmission of electric power signed with a Greek consortium Mitkl and Italian Ansaldo contract includes the construction of the plant to generate electric power in Deir Al-Zour able to 750 MW, where the station is expected to generate an estimated 6 billion kilowatt hours annually.

The Ministry of Electricity in recent months, talks with companies and organizations of the Arab and foreign countries on the financing and the establishment of plants to generate electricity, and that with the increasing demand for electricity by almost 1000 MW, and the high demand for more than 20% during the winter months because of the recourse of citizens to use electricity for heating instead of fuel oil .

The minister added that the preliminary study carried out by the ministry concluded that we need to 13 thousand megawatts, additional to what currently exists and $ 7 thousand megawatts during the period between 2015-2030, in order to meet the growing demand for electricity as a result of economic developments and investment and services taking place in Syria.

At the same time, the minister said that the surplus achieved by providing energy during the past few months have been exported to other countries and after that has to meet the full requirements, explaining that with the end of this year will enter a new project for the generation and energy production in the investment, which will lead to an increase in energy productivity currently available.

The minister pointed out that several other measures also were to luck in achieving savings in energy are also among the priorities of the work programs of the ministry and its institutions and companies, whether through technical procedures to technical or other measures to ensure energy conservation and investment in place to cover all the needs of domestic consumption, commercial and industrial and agricultural and vocational education.

Experts predict that in the electricity sector needs Syria during the next five years to around 3.5 billion euros (218.3 billion pounds) to invest in the field of obstetrics and alone, especially since the number of subscribers of electric power up to about 5 million subscribers.

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