Allaw discuss with his Iranian counterpart cooperation in the areas of gas and refining industry

Eng.Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources discussed with Masoud Mir-Kazemi, Iranian Oil Minister significant joint ventures, which intends to set up countries in the different areas of oil and gas .



Allaw stressed that areas of cooperation with Iran is mainly in the areas of gas and the refining industry where cooperation began by signing of a memorandum of understanding to transfer Iranian gas to Syria, then the two sides discussed the basic principles and the coordination mechanism for the transfer of gas to Syria via Turkey, where it is accelerated procedures for the implementation of the gas pipe line between Aleppo and the Turkish border to link with the Turkish network then becomes possible to import gas from Iran through this network. As well as discuss the project, which has already been earlier introduced by Iran to set up a pipeline to transport gas from Iran through Iraq to Syria and then linked to pipeline the Arab gas as will be discussed in the detailed procedures in preparation for the transition to the operational phase will also study other ideas for the transfer of gas in new ways to serve interests of both parties.




Allaw explained that the gas line to be considered by Iran to transport gas from Iran through Iraq to Syria will enable the transfer of large quantities of gas through this path so that Syria can transfer needs help from the Iranian gas under the Convention.



In addition to export gas from the Syrian ports, which will bring revenue and earnings good return through tolls Iranian gas through Syria and fees export gas from the Syrian ports.


He pointed out that the area of the second cooperation with Iran is the refining industry where the share of Iran with Syria and Venezuela to establish a refinery in the region Alfrekls has started preparations for the establishment of the refinery, pointing out that this visit as a chance to discuss the difficulties of progress in this area in addition to the Search prospects for cooperation in new areas of training and rehabilitation and to benefit from the experiences of the two sides in the field of scientific research between the competent authorities in both countries.


For his part, Iranian Minister that the joint projects between Iran and Syria in the fields of oil and gas reflect the sustained cooperation between the two countries, noting that there are good prospects for strengthening cooperation in various fields of energy, including the benefit of the peoples in both countries.


Iran possesses 16% of global gas reserves and ranks second globally in this area after Russia.


The meeting was attended by Dr. Hassan Zeinab, Eng Abdo Husamedin Assistant Minister of Oil and Ali Abbas, the director general of GPC and Eng Noureddine Makhlouf, director general of the refining industry and the distribution of derivatives and Omar Al Hamad, Director General of SPC and Dr. Sayed Ahmed Moussawi, Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Damascus and the delegation accompanying the Minister of Iran.



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