Government approved to increase fuel price with a gradual time frame … It consumes more than 2400 tons per year will buy by global price

It is well known that the cost of production per ton of fuel costing the Syrian government about 25 thousand Syrian pounds, but it sell backed for industrialists at a 8500 Syrian pounds per ton, and in order to reach a price commensurate with the prices of fuel globally, the government decided to increase the price per ton of a fuel according to a schedule of gradual start date 01/04/2011



the price per ton will be of about 13 thousand Syrian pounds rather than 8500 Syrian pounds, and 01.01.2012 as the price per ton will be 16 thousand Syrian pounds, rising to 20 thousand Syrian pounds per ton as of 01/01/2013 the price so they can be sold globally by 2014.


A study carried out by the government showed that the amount of consumption of Syria fuel annually reaches about 5 million tons, consumes about 800 thousand tons by the industrial sector a year and 550 thousand tons of private industry and the remaining is consumed by the Ministry of Electricity in the generation of electric power.


The government said in its study that the private industrial sector consume of 550 thousand tons, only 4% of industrial 33% of the total amount, about 600 investors, industrial, and this indicates the presence of two types of consumption of the first of the consume less than 200 tons per month and the other consumes more than 200 tons per month as well, and here shows the vast gap between the two types .


The Government considered that the total consumption of fuel of the total costs of production in industrial investors who use the fuel in their production and Adults 600 investors is not only a range in the worst cases of 5-15%, although these manufacturers have applied standards of efficiency in energy use achieved a saving in the consumption of fuel and of 30%.


The Government noted in its decision to raise the price of fuel that each investor or user of this substance, the consumption of more than 2400 tons per year will pay the price per ton as the world price, and never on the basis of domestic price.


Oil Ministry plans to extend gas pipeline to the industrial cities, thus contributing to a shift to gas companies instead of fuel because it is less expensive and cleaner environment, and rewarded with the view of the production.

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