President Assad Decrees Increasing Heating Allowance up to SYP 1500

President Bashar Assad on Sunday issued Legislative Decree No. /12/ for the year 2011 on heating allowance.



The Decree stipulates for increasing the amount of heating allowance and adjusting the price set forth in Legislative Decree No. /34/ of 2002 from SYP 630 to SYP 1500 monthly.


Minister of Finance Dr. Mohammad al-Hussein said in a statement to SANA that all state workers and the retired employees benefit from the Decree.


He pointed out that the number of people benefiting from the allowance is about two millions, hoping that the Decree would upgrade the living standers of the workers and the retired as well.


Minister al-Hussein noted that granting the allowance will come into force on February 1st of 2011, adding that heating allowance and price adjustment are completely exempted from any taxes and discounts.


“The total amount of the expenditure due to increasing heating allowance reaches SYP 15 billions annually,” al-Hussein said.

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