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Samsung strengthen its presence in Syria by launching LCD service…

Diyar company, agent of Samsung Electronics leading in the global digital television market, announced its group of newer televisions “LCD” style (series 3,4,5,6).



These screens are characterized by clarity with high and entire definition reaches to 1080 × 19209 with a rate of contrast includes a large dynamic models measuring 40 inches and more viewers with technical accuracy of the newer such as Samsung: (100HZ Motion Plus & Ultra Clear Panel) granted cleaner images even if they are moving extremely rapidly.
Ayman El-Khalili Chairman of the Board of Directors of Diyar during a press conference held at the Hotel Four Seasons Damascus to announce the new group “the company’s policy of expansion in the Syrian market because of the consumer-Syrian variety in purchasing power, so that company decided to expand geographically to cover all the Syrian governorates during the opening of the sale centers To the public in addition to expanding the VIP service and provide services after the sale to include the sale of 37 points which is currently selling 14 center spread in all governorates and centers after the sale in addition to providing these products through agents and dealers in electrical appliances in different parts of Syria. ”
For his part, Ismail Al-Hourani, director of the Regional Bureau for Samsung in Amman said that “the proportion of the combined company’s sales last year amounted to nearly 103.4 billion dollars and is working with the company about 150000 employees in the 134 seat and 62 state. The company consists of five main operating units, namely the unity of digital devices, and the unity of multi-media digital unit LCD unit of transportation and communications network unit.
The family also has a well-equipped wise link Pro with USB 2.0 link to watch video content on the loaded object from Internet quickly and easily. The additional devices such as CD players and HD DVD Blu-Ray can be easily linked through four links HDMI 1.3 also includes also Wide Color Enhancer to achieve optimum picture quality and New Clear Panel that reduce reflection and dark black colors.
Syria Oil: Yara Ismail

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