The establishment of three gas stations supply in conjunction with the intention to open the door of Import Car working on gas

The Ministry of Transport is currently on the establishment of three petrol stations especially provide the gas needed to run the 1000 bus, which the ministry plans to import, which run on gas in addition to opening the door of Import Car working on gas and move as an important part of the policy of the ministry to the reduction of environmental pollution caused by and transportation.



In this context, a decree was issued to reduce customs duties on environmentally friendly cars and hybrid electric view of the achieved savings in oil consumption on the one hand and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions on the other hand.

Where a reduced customs duties on electric vehicles to 20 percent regardless of the capacities and reduction of customs duties on hybrid cars to 30 percent regardless of the capacities and reduce the annual registration fees for electric cars to 3000 Syrian pounds fee and the elimination of environmental protection for hybrid and electric cars

And following up the results of the application of Decree 43 of 2010 on the ground and directing the public authorities when buying new cars to be hybrid and compel companies proxy or importing the establishment of workshops special maintenance in order to address technical issues and repairs expected and treating the waste batteries and the replacement of old cars .

the Ministry of Transport works as well as in cooperation with the ministries concerned to reduce the duties on hybrid cars gradually and confirm the importance of using transport-friendly environment by using solar energy as a companion in the generation of clean electric power because of their availability in nature in large quantities.

The solar electric car one of the modes of transport-friendly environment that is used as a companion of the sun’s energy to generate clean electricity. ‏

The electric car has become a means approved for transfer in the countries of the world where you will be manufacturers of vehicles abandoned on various roads in the world, which may exceed one million vehicles during the year 2011 and is secured electrical power necessary for the shipment of their savings through the feeding stations similar to gas stations and take the necessary electric power.

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