Mahroukat : consumption of diesel fuel reduced by 22%… gasoline rises 11%

rates of consumption of petroleum products during last month fell sharply, especially diesel fuel consumption rate, which dropped 22% during the month of November compared with the same month last year.



General manager of Mahroukat Abdullah Khattab said that “the quantities sold during the month of November amounted to 550 million liters a drop of 22% for the month of November 2009 and thus the proportion of consumption of 7% for the whole year to just 3%,” pointing out that ” decline in this way came as a result of the high price of material, as well as citizens wait for the expected support to diesel. ”


Syrian government distribution support on diesel fuel per year, after having raised the price of liter from 7 pounds to 25 pounds in May 2008, and has revised downward in 2009 to 20 pounds, which led to lower consumption of this material in many sectors and at especially domestic and agricultural.


And on the consumption of gasoline, he pointed to “increased consumption during November by 11% compared with November last year, where he arrived consumption during the last month to 200 million liters, and reached the rate of increase until the end of the month of November 9% for the entire period, despite high Price liter 4 pounds. ”


President Assad issued in last September legislative decree provides for the replacement of all duties and taxes imposed upon the renewal of the annual licensing of vehicles operating on gasoline and motorcycles a fee of 4 pounds Syria added to the value of each liter gasoline, becoming the price of a liter of gasoline in Syria to 44 pounds.


With regard to the consumption of the fuel, general manager said “reduce consumption by 17% compared with the same period of last year and this led to a decline in imports by 50% from last year where the quantities imported during the last year of fuel 2 million tons and reached this year, 1.1 million tons, a difference of 900 thousand tons, which in turn led to the provision of large sums of money were allocated to the material in foreign currencies. ”


Drop of consumption of fuel due to the quantities of gas that has been added to the network and the Syrian, which go mostly to generate electric power, this course has provided large sums of money were allocated foreign exchange for the supply requirement of fuel except the environmental impact and health and technical generating sets, according to Mahroukat .


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