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Shell General Manager: we invested more than $ 8 billion In Syria.. And to continue in exploration

Syria Shell Director-General Gerham Henley said that the company is prospecting in two oil and gas in the southern province of Hama, south of Deir Al-Zour toward Iraqi and Jordanian border, and there is cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Oil to create new job opportunities and participate in the expansion of the business, and he is working mainly with Syrian Petroleum Company for the development work.



Henley pointed that the company has invested history with Syria more than 8 billion dollars until the present time, and provided services and investment have benefited Shell and Syria, and considered that the partnership with the Syrian company is the largest partnership of company AFPC, where the company employs 3100 people.


Henley said that The extension of the Convention to Shell in 2008 for a period of ten years is an important step, especially in strengthening relations with the AFPC, which confirmed the ability of Shell and the government’s desire to cooperate with it because Shell has worked with the AFPC, and the carriers of technology very advanced in the development of capabilities local staff through the transfer of knowledge to them, so Shell is committed to what has been agreed upon through the development of national staff and provide technology transfer.


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