6 billion SP. For Number of projects to convert the HRC to eco-friendly

General Company for Homs Refinery Announced that, it had allocated 6 billion Syrian pounds to convert the refinery to the facility friendly environment, through rehabilitation and development of some of the units so as to ensure continued operation of the refinery in safe, economic, and compatible ways with environmental standards for emissions and products contaminated with gas, liquid and solid.


Eng. Akram Sultan general manager of the company, said that the projects implemented by the company run by four trends of reducing gas emissions and effluents and solid waste treatment, as well as to improve the products to keep pace with global development on the refining industry and oil derivatives.


He pointed out that the most important project the company’s management seeking to implement is to improve the quality and specifications of products the refinery for $ 250 million, through the establishment of new units and rehabilitation of existing units to get the products in accordance with the specifications of the European and on a parallel with the user specifications Syrian become appropriate for the specifications used internationally.


He also said that was distributed group of environmental projects at the refinery over a minimum of three years to complete and no more than the Eleventh Five Year Plan and most of these projects economically feasible will work to improve the rent in addition to the positive impact in the reduction of pollutants.


He added that to implement a project to rehabilitate some analyzers oxygen on the furnace and the installation of analyzers New and replacement burners and the installation of control systems modern incineration, during three years at a cost of 25 million Syrian pounds, and implementation of a Kohnch unit with closed system instead of open system worth $ 11 million for a period of three years also.


For projects that are starting out, he pointed out that it was the direct implementation of amendment to the distillation unit Air 22 worth $ 11 million for two years, as the project addresses the emissions and odors from the distillation unit air 22, in addition to the implementation of the draft amendment to the distillation units air vacuum value of 5.22 million, which under the contract.


Sultan said that the project of installing sprinklers water permanent wetting of coal and sprinklers in the yard collecting sulfur $ 8 million pounds for a period of one year to prevent the flying soot and particles of coal and sulfur from the storage yards, in addition to the implementation of the project to prepare the unit of sulfur in the establishment of a new unit load sufficient to produce the products according to specifications the required value of 35 euros for an estimated period of two years.


The projects as well as include the rehabilitation or replacement of Hydrocarbon compressors $ 8 million euros for three years in order to prevent leakage of gas of compressors, and project of providing measuring devices for monitoring of gaseous pollutants at the source in the work environment worth 2 million pounds for a period of one year in order to address short-term gas emissions of units and flue gases.


Sultan said that the project of installing a circuit retrieved gas flame of the refinery, one of the important projects and has a yield of good economic and appreciates the value of the project is estimated at $ 13 million and will be completed within two years, adding that the implementation of the rehabilitation of power plant is an economic project and reduces the emission value € 15 million, three-year implementation period to address the emission of polluting gases from burning fuel from the power plant.


He added that the project to improve the reality of treatment plants, contaminated water is being implemented through the rehabilitation of two units 32 and 8 and the rehabilitation of the water treatment plant 32, 6, 7, and the establishment of processing unit industrial value of360 million SP., the duration of its implementation three years to address the hydrocarbon pollutants resulting from the deficient performance of processing units contaminated water.


As is the implementation of the rehabilitation project closed circuits discharge ground existing in some units and the establishment of circuits in places that need it, and linking all the points discharge of these circuits, then retrieve these materials to circuit with estimated value of between 25-35 million pounds the duration of two years in order to address pollution resulting from the liquidation of fluid from the equipment.


Sultan pointed that it have been established small squares, especially laundering transactions during overhauling at different places within yards of the production units with the processing barrier of concrete is collected sediment behind him and disposal of safe value of 5.2 million Syrian pounds for one year, indicating that a contract was signed a project of treating Seldage resulting from processing unit of contaminated water, and give an order to direct the contractor, where the value of the project million for three years, in addition to the project to establish a store to collect solid waste in a temporary $ 2 million Syrian pounds for a period of two years in order to address some of the solid waste harmful.


refinery was established 4 km west of the city of Homs in 1958, , and was the first expansion of the refinery in 1969 and included 11 units with a capacity of 2.7 million tons per year of Syrian oil and 2.5 million tons of crude oil importer, and became the refinery produces in addition to oil asphalt and petroleum coke, sulfur, and provide the plant fertilizers on al-Asy with hydrogen, oxygen and kerosene, turpentine, hydrogenated.



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