140 million barrels of oil .. oil Ministry seeks more than 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2011

Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and affiliated companies and institutions seeks through investment projects included in the budget in 2011 to produce about 140 million barrels of heavy and light oil, so the Syrian Oil Company to produce 70 million barrels of that total amount in order to meet the needs of the country to the implementation of plans for refining and export.



The ministry will also produce about 10 billion and 135 million m 3 of natural gas production from 309 968 tons of cooking gas and 7,000,659 thousand m 3 of clean gas and 290,968 tons of condensate and 14,812 tons of sulfur.


investment projects Included as well as the production of oil and gas production quantity of phosphate of 3200 thousand tons.


Ministry of Oil during the 11th plan to continue to improve transport equipment and pumping crude oil and its derivatives, as well as the completion of projects investment wealth gas line, the Arab gas investment fields north and south of the central region as well as updating and developing the labs of marble and increase the storage capacity of the phosphate Governorate of Tartous.


the ministry will focus next year on projects automate the movement of oil products and gas units and pipeline Homs Adra, as well as to bring the headquarters of hydrocarbon resources in the organization of the oil refinery and the development of Homs, and increased storage capacity for liquefied natural gas.


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