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Syria is waiting to enter the strategic map of corridors for the transfer of gas between the two continents

 About two years ago In an interview with The Director of Shell oil company in Syria said that the future of Syria would not depend on new oil discoveries, but the site’s geographical location which give it an international passage vital for the transfer of gas between the two continents important, and this would be reflected positively on the provide for the needs of the country of gas, in addition to the revenue of its territory by the use of financial networks and pipelines to transport gas from the Middle East to Europe.


Although this has not materialized as had been expected director of Shell Syria, despite its Arab gas pipeline from the undeniable benefits but they do not live up to the expectations of the advantages of geographical location, but that does not mean the absence of its importance and economic viability and energy to Syria and other neighboring countries ..

Perhaps what underlines the importance of Syria seeks to earn a break this project into being, from infrastructure and regional and international conventions, are …

The first command and is in the absence of any channel for the transfer of gas from the Gulf to Europe, as well as the continued weakness of such a channel between the countries of North Africa and Europe across the Mediterranean, which means the continuing need for the presence of Syria on a map of the transit gas.

Second, and with the reality of the production and use and marketing of natural gas in Syria and its needs and uses of the growing and projects Syrian ambitious in this area, for example, classified Syria as well as Bahrain Kodaf state between ten Arab countries in terms of production of natural gas liquids, as the volume of production during the past four year period from 2005 and until 2008 about 10 thousand barrels per day, while Saudi Arabia ranked first by 1.4 million barrels per day, Algeria is second with almost 357 thousand barrels per day, Qatar and III at about 349 thousand barrels.

It is also for natural gas marketer Arabs and the world, the order of Syria between those countries come in far behind, moving up to both Tunisia and Iraq (which has special conditions imposed by the U.S. invasion), where the data confirm the Arab official that the quantities of natural gas Syrian Marketer Report In 2008 about 5.5 billion cubic meters per year, while Algeria came first by about 86.5 billion cubic meters, Saudi Arabia, with about 80.4 billion cubic meters, and Qatar at 76.9 billion cubic meters.

This confirms that the need for Syria the importance of the discovered reserves, increasing by two years, the high and increasing investment activities in Syria, and the multiplicity of aspects and areas of development in the use of gas and electricity and the services sector and industry, and therefore, in deference to the growing need not only be accelerated the process of turning Syria into a strategic corridor of gas to be reckoned with in the global energy trade.

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