the production of phosphate Doubled .. And sales of more than 7 billion SP

The sales of phosphate exceeded plans by large and reached to 198% until the third quarter of 2010 and confirmed the geological Jamal Dairi Director-General of the General Establishment of Geology that foreign sales, amounting to about 7 billion Syrian pounds from the beginning of the year until the third quarter of this year, almost double the planned and the estimated 3.4 billion Syrian pounds.



Dairi added : As for domestic sales has amounted to 579 million pounds, less than planned and it is of course linked to extract SEF.
Dairi said: It was planned to export the amount of 1.4 million tons, but the port for the same period reached 2.3 million tons which is equivalent to almost twice the planned rate of implementation of 198% and this is due to return vital for the manufacture of fertilizer globally after falling because of global crisis With regard to domestic sales has sales reached 313 thousand tons less than planned and on the investment and marketing of raw materials other Dairi added : the establishment has investments in many raw materials such as asphalt, salt, sand, Quartz, plaster and tuff volcanic but most is sold internally for investment and local production of the Foundation has sold about 281 tons of asphalt and 27 thousand tons of plaster and 144 tons of volcanic tuff.


Dairi noted that the value of sales organization of internal and external to the third quarter of this year reached 8.3 billion SP and by implementing and reached to 147%.


Dairi said: Our surveys detailed geological and digging for phosphate ores and tuff volcanism in the mines of eastern and shale oil in Aleppo and plaster in Giraud been dug about 11 A of the study and measurements and sample preparation laboratory The Foundation also prospecting for ores cement industry for the benefit of the Ministry of Finance and views Add another to locate underground water wells for several public entities in the areas of Mount Hermon and Qalamoun and Deir Al-Zour and Daraa and Idlib and Damascus countryside sites and dams Abu Fayyad as peaceful and close Khabour Hassakeh.

In conclusion, Dairi said: The results and studies indicate the importance of raw materials in the ground and that Syria has a lot of them such as raw materials, cement, shale oil shale, phosphate and asphalt, but the investment of these resources requires large sums of money and this is what can be provided by the private sector, participatory and now there are several materials on the table and investment from the private sector.

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