Ayman Asfari Petrofac Group Chief

Ayman Asfari Petrofac Group Chief Executive briefed the company activities and its future horizons in a special interview with Syria-oil web site


Implementation where it executed more than one project in Syria… What are the reason of success?

This success is due to the presence of technical staff and management are excellent and highly qualified in addition that our company Petrofac doesn’t submit to any project, but after studying a comprehensive study of all aspects of professional, technical and time. Our company along with the establishment of a specialized gas plants and we have a long experience of such acts have been implemented a lot of similar actions around the world and managed by the technically and ahead of the allotted time and the duration of Streptococcus always.


-What do you think of the investment climate in the oil and gas in Syria and whether the current environment suitable for investment in this area according to your opinion.


Syria has been able in recent years to attract foreign investment as a result of amending some legislations and regulations, simplify procedures, in addition to that Syria has a new gas discoveries may be the beginning of the establishment of Petro-chemical industries. I believe that the refining industry that was at the level of development of existing refineries or the establishment of new refineries need to attract foreign investment and Petrofac operates refineries in the area. It is expected that there will be new investments in Syria if the agreement with Iraq on the transfer of oil and gas in Iraq via Syria to the Mediterranean Sea because of the unique geographical location which enjoys Syria.



Petrofac new horizeens in Syria .. Are there any new projects with the Syrian government or with companies operating in Syria.


Currently there are no large projects we intend to do to we got on a small project for the company in common with the DPC Gulfsands on a draft of the collection and treatment projects and wait for the transport of oil from Iraq and we will work on the preparation of preliminary studies for the refineries to study the possibility of contributing in this area.



– Does Petrofac study about prospecting and exploration?

Petrofac does not intend to go about prospecting and exploration, but the company is able to do development work we have invested in the development of several oil fields and discovered a list of where we have the engineering, construction and drilling.




Asfari and Petrofac in brief:



It is noteworthy that Ayman Asfari is a Syrian businessman living in London, served as Executive Director of the company Petrofac with an asset value of $ 3.5 billion.
He Launched his company when he moved to London in 1991, after he had been working in the field of construction in Amman, entered into a partnership with Petrofac) U.S. at that time , seven years later became the sole owner of this company.




The Sunday Telegraph newspaper of London reported in its December 26, 2009 survey of top contractors and contractors in Britain, where he topped the list, the Syrian businessman Ayman Asfari according to the standards of wealth and revenue and number of employees.
The company “Petrofac” recently announced for training center with the latest technologies in Syria as part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and training.



fifty investors and analysts in Petrofac investment bankers in the energy sector Having participated in the opening ceremony about, and this came in the framework of the annual visit of a group of investors.



The training center is the first of its kind in Syria, which provides training of engineers and technicians in the General Corporation for Oil and the Syrian Gas Company and the General Organization for refining.
The center will be able to host 120 trainees per year, and the program starts with training on the use of English for three months followed by nine months of technical training on electrical systems, mechanical and instrumentation and production.


Services Section will serve to Petrofac Training Center for five years, and is currently 30 people from the group Petrofac, including nine foreign coaches, but will proceed with all the coaches are Syrian citizens. ,
It is worth mentioning that “Petrofac” of Some 12000 employees, which operates out of six strategic centers located in Aberdeen, Sharjah, Woking and Mumbai and Chennai and Abu Dhabi in addition to 19 offices around the world.



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