Otri inaugurated the National Training Centre in Homs and reviewed stages of completion in Hayyan gas plant near Palmyra

Prime Minister Eng. Mohammed Naji Otri, opened today, the National training Center in Alfrekls in Homs governorate, which was built in cooperation between the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and International Petrofac Company at a cost of $ 12 million.



center, which has a capacity of 120 trainees per year aims to train and qualify the staffs of maintenance and operation of new graduates (engineers – technicians) for staff with high efficiency to work in gas plants and refineries and oil installations to meet the needs of the oil industry and gas and new projects coming and which are required elements capable of use of modern technology.



The training program in the center consists of language training Department in English for three months and another technician for a period of nine months, includes courses in electricity, mechanics, precise, operations have been implemented infrastructure and provide equipment for the center to conform to global standards in terms of buildings required and necessary equipment for training .



The initial cost of the establishment and rehabilitation of the project is about 12 / / million of which U.S. $ / 8.5 / million U.S. dollars courtesy of Petrofac International, which will provide employment services and training in support of the National Center for training for a period of five years, subject to extension, so as to prepare and qualify the cadres local transfer training responsibilities to the Syrian Gas Company in the future.



Prime Minister then visited Hayan gas plant project site of the company Hayan Petroleum, a joint venture between the General Petroleum Corporation, INA Nafta Croatian where it is currently the development of gas discoveries and oil achieved by the company INA Nafta in the fields of Jahar, al-Muher, and al-Jazal and Mzaror through the establishment of a system for gas treatment natural product at the site of Jahar and linking these fields the system is a collection of productive wells to the stations, collection and separation of gas in the Jahar, al-Muher , and on to the processing units at the plant at the site of Jahar (Hayyan Gas Plant) is also planning to build the new compilation of gas in the field of Mzaror.


Otri was briefed by Eng. Ibrahim Khaddour Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hayan Petroleum who explained about the reserve geological gas in those fields, which reach about 28 billion cubic meters of recoverable of which 21 billion cubic meters and there are reserves of oil and gas condensates is estimated about 34 million barrels of design Power for the Hayan gas plant 4 million cubic meters of raw gas will result in about 3.7 million m 3 gas / day of clean gas processor and 12 thousand barrels of oil and condensate per day and about (180) tons per day of domestic gas.


Petrofac implementation of the project have been recently issuing a certificate of achievement for mechanical draft has been direct the work of processing for takeoff is planned to be direct the departure of the plant in the second week of the month of November and the project will be operating regular with the beginning of 2011 note that the total expenditure for the company INA Nafta in This contract has exceeded one billion U.S. dollars.


Otri told reporters the importance of gas projects in Syria to support the overall development and especially industrial projects as the number of industrial plants in Syria to about six thousand plant some income production and some of them will begin during the period of close and these projects need the energy provided by gas as one of the most efficient sources of energy and clean them one of the most important sectors that achieved great economic revenues through reliable in the operation of power plants, laboratories and factories leading to dispense with some oil derivatives, which strain the state treasury by imported foreign currencies and world prices.



He pointed out that the production of Syria from the gas reached about 32 million cubic meters per day, which indicates that we are moving towards self-sufficiency to secure its needs of this article, especially in power plants and industrial cities in addition to the possible expansion of its uses in the future to provide the car with gas and other other uses.



Otri said about the importance of training and rehabilitation centers that are open in Syria, that these centers are an important bridge for the transition from theory to practical application especially for graduates of new engineers and technicians, where they can be found on the international experiences and new technologies that are used in different areas in the world in addition to identify the mechanical and electrical equipment in the facilities that will work out before engaging the work leads to increased experience and proficiency to work as best as reflected positively on the production process, quality and quantity.



the inauguration and tour were Attendeded by Eng. Sufian Allaw Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, Ghazi Zeib Secretary of Homs branch of the Baath Arab Socialist Party and Eng. Mohammed Iyad Ghazal, Governor of Homs and Dr. Hassan Zeinab, Deputy Minister of Oil and Directors-General and heads of boards of directors in oil and gas companies and Drajen Margita Croatian Ambassador is resident in Syria and Nissan Khoshaba, General Manager of Inna nafta in Syria.


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