SPC confirms that what happened at Alrmelan Oil fields is just a Gas rush with no fire .. and what was published in Press is not accurate at all

Syrian Petroleum Corporation reply on the news published at the Syria News web site reported on 09/15/2010 and some other media without checking the content of the title “put out the fire in one of the wells in oil fields in the province of Hasaka Alrmelan” where the company said in its response to what happened at Alrmelan Oil fields is just a Gas rush and did not get any fire at the site.



The company said that it “has control of the burst rush , speed and performance by two types of technical staff and national in the SPC and the participation of some of the experts working in the company under the direct supervision of the management company.”

Oil Sources stressed for “Syria Oil” that the rush of oil and gas can occur during the productive work in the oil and gas fields are controlled by the usual result is a good experience to deal with such events
The sources pointed out that the outbreak of a fire in oil wells can not be a big event to talk about and deal with that simple.

Syria Oil had published the report , citing Syria -News without reference to the concerned authorities to review and audit information as usual because the editor who wrote the story at the site of Syria News attributed some of the information contained in the news to the Director of the fields Al Rmelan Eng. Nabil Mahmoud note that the SPC confirmed in its response that it has not been any meeting between the Eng. Mahmoud, and the journalist who published the news.

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