International announcement for developing 7 oil field in Arraqah

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Ministry of petroleum and mineral resources and General Petroleum Corporation announced developing of 7 oil fields areas in Arraqah central Syria through INTERNATIONAL BID ROUND .

The Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and General Petroleum Corporation (GPC) invited International Petroleum Companies for an international Bid Round in order to complete exploration, development and production of Seven Oil Areas on the base of Production Sharing Contract.

this Bid Round includes two groups
• Group I, consists of: West Tureb, Halima and Dohal oil areas (3 areas).
• Group II, consists of: Jaadeen, Tal-Asfar, Zenati and Al-Haloul oil areas (4 areas).
- Tender Book includes Basic Contractual and Commercial Conditions Technical Part of the available data for the two Groups PSC Model Agreement (draft).


Interested Bidders shall submit their offers based on the announcement, Basic Contractual and Commercial Conditions and a draft of Production Sharing Model Agreement.

This international Bid Round will be by public announcement and by an invitation for the already qualified companies ..All interested companies by public announcement shall submit the Qualifications Envelop that contains all financial and technical qualifications, and fill the attached Questionnaire Form. Not later than February 18th 2010. The submitted qualification documents will be studied by GPC which shall notify the qualification results to the Bidders after one month of receiving the Qualifications Envelop sealed envelopes to be put in fourth sealed envelope Qualified Bibbers shall submit their bids in three, at the Closing Date.


The announcement aims to make contract of participation in production to carry out the exploration, developing revenues of the contract area depending on the draf of the contract .

The announcement underline the closing date by 18/2/2010 for the qualified companies and 19/5/2010 for the rest companies .

During a press conference was held earlier on the Ministry’s plans and programs for 2010, Eng. Sufian Allaw said the Ministry announced earlier this year the invitation of specialized international companies to provide tenders for developing seven standing fields in order to increase their productivity.



He also said that an announcement will be made in March on accepting tenders from international companies for exploration and excavation of around 8 new sites with a total area of approximately 60,000 square meters.



The Ministry aims to re-announce exploration of four sites in Syrian regional waters with a total area of 5,000 square kilometers, the Minister added.

Last year, the Chinese firm sealed a deal, along with Britain’s BP, to ramp up production at Iraq’s biggest oil field, Rumaila, and in 2008 it signed a contract to develop the Al-Ahdab oil field, .



China has been investing billions of dollars around the world to secure access to oil and other raw materials needed to fuel its fast-growing economy.





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