A decree to appoint Eng. Abdu Hussameddin aide to the Oil Minister

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President Bashar Assad issued a decree appointing Eng. Abdu Hussameddin aide to the Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources, after having been transferred from SPC to the owners to oil ministry.



Eng. Abdu Hussameddin ‘s CV :

Born: 1954, married with four children.
He holds a degree in petroleum engineering from al- Baath University / Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering /.

Work in the Syrian Oil Company drilling engineer in the fields of Hassakeh (Rmelan), and then head studies of craters, and in Damascus in the work of the Directorate and the Directorate of gas service contracts Chairman of the Department responsible for the work of foreign companies for oil exploration technically, financially and nodal, then head of operations for the follow-up of companies oil exploration in the country, then Director of Procurement and Contracts, Deir al-Zour oil, then go to the AFPC as a gradient from the Assistant Purchasing Manager to Director of Operations in the company, and President of the Board and Managing Director of AFPC, and then adviser to the Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources and a member of the Board of Directors of Geology. At the end of 2007 was named chairman in Syrian Company for the distribution of gas in addition to being an adviser to the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, following up on projects of new refineries and the material balance and economic development of oil refining in refineries and current relations with the United Nations and the European Union energy was then appointed as Director General of the State Establishment for Oil Refining and distribution of petroleum products is linked to each of the two Homs and Banias refinery and fuel company on 12/3/2009 and is exempted on 25/6/2009 that the decree was issued appointing an aide to the minister of oil. 
Fluent in English and French, good in computer and information technology.



Warmest congratulations from Syria –oil to Eng. Abdu Hussameddin and wish him continued success .


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