GPC & Total E&P Syrie sign service contract for Tabiyeh Gas Project

Category: Companies Operating in Syria | Posted on: 8-07-2009

General Petroleum Corporation has signed today with Total E&P Syrie service contract for Tabiyeh Gas Project in Deir al-Zour.



The contract was signed by Eng. Ali Abbas GM. GPC and Mr. Ladislas PASZKIEWICZ – President Middle East – Total EP.


This agreement came as a result and continuity of fruitful cooperation between Total and oil and gas national companies based on the framework agreement of mutual cooperation signed between GPC and Total E&P Syrie and was ratified on 2009 in order to outline the joint work chances in Exploring and producing oil and gas in Syria.


The contract aims to increase the typical revenues of gas and Hydrocarbon liquids in Tabiyeh, Shamal Attallah, and al-Qahhar fields as well as increasing the quantities of exported clean gas to the consumers through the national gas network to its utmost on need in addition to making developing storing studies for these fields using the most modern techniques to enhance production.

The contract start from the date of its ratifying by related sides and issued by a legislative decree to the end of 2021.


The contract contains applying mixing production ways of gas and liquids on Tabiyeh field to have the typical revenues of gas and liquids and reduce the investment pressure of the producing lays from 35 bar to 15 bar by modifying the compressors systems as well as making developing storing studies for gas in al-Qahhar and al-Jaffrah fields.


The contract as well as includes modifying devices on the surface establishments of the gas plant in Deir al-Zour and providing technical help and services to GPC and related companies to support its activities based on the contract.



The investment value that will be provided by Total E&P Syrie to implement the contract is about 150 million $ and the company will finance all operating and capital expenditures of the contract’s activities as follows:

1- Finance crude oil operations so that Total will finance all costs and expenditures of oil production of crude oil production operations through sharing production contract for 1988 and would be back basing on contract’s points and rules.


2- Finance gas operation and back them so that Total will finance al the costs and expenditure of gas operations according the contract. These costs will be back through the contract revenues instead of Compensation of 10 % of gas costs and for one time.

The contract includes as well as training and rehabilitating and experience transfer to GPC, SPC, and SGC staffs according to annual programs.. the costs of this operation isn’t back .

The contract signing was attended by Mr. Bernard Clement – Vice-President Middle East – Total EP , Hatem Nuseibeh GM.Total E&P Syrie,Omer al-Hamad GM.SPC,Eng. Husain Wadea GM SGC and number of GPC and SGC.



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